Pharmacy Management Software

A Complete Solution for All your Pharmacy Demands

This software can be used in any type of pharmacy or medicine store. You can handle all of your pharmacy data easily. Here you can handle all of your pharmacy account management, invoice create, user and data analysis, stock management, store management, purchase history, income history, POS and many more. You can use it simultaneously in multiple counters or computers.

Features of Our Pharmacy Management Software

Product Management

  • Add products with Brand Name, Generic Name, Code Number, Barcode, Category, Image, Purchase Price, Selling Price, Opening Stock and Supplier Name.
  • Button for each product can be created as per the requirement and these buttons will appear in the sales form. Once clicked on any button, the product will be added to the bill.
  • Check the stock of any product at the end of the year or anytime
  • Determine the discount percentage of each product according to category or separately
  • Purchase price or selling price can be updated
  • Print barcodes through a label printer or laser printer

Purchase management

  • Manage the purchase in cash or in due balance
  • Return or change purchased products
  • Paying the due balance and update
  • Print barcode according to the purchase list
  • Coordination of previous purchase and present purchase price. (First In First Out, Last In First Out or Average)

Sales Management

  • Mode of sale in cash or in arrears
  • Return or change the sold products
  • Subtraction of the remaining money
  • Change the discount and selling price as required
  • Hold any bill according if needed and recall later
  • Custom message in printing system at the bottom of sales receipt, such as: "Thank you, come again", "Sold products can not be returned" etc.
  • Print sales receipt in A4, A5, A6 and POS size

Customer and Supply Management

  • Creating customers and suppliers with name, address, contact number, email, image and other necessary information
  • Enter the opening balance of the customer and the supplier
  • Set the arrear limit and the deadline as per requirement
  • View the list of the arrears of the customers and the suppliers
  • View the stock and buy-sell list according to the supplier
  • View the profit / loss report according to the supplier
  • See the statements of customer and supplier


  • Daily sales and purchase list
  • Daily cash collection and payment
  • See stock reports in various way
  • View profit and loss report of any time
  • Day-End (summary of the whole day in a report)
  • Product Price List
  • List of deposits and withdrawals of any time in the bank
  • All Transactions together for everyday

Other Required Modules

  • Account Management (creating accounts, debit and credit accounts, account balance and statement)
  • Daily Expenses as per the schedule
  • Employee salary, bonuses and advance payment
  • See the shortlist according to product category and supplier

Special Features

  • Backup and restore the database as per the requirement or automatically
  • Product search by code number, barcode, short code, brand name or generic name
  • Find out the old invoice for buying and selling with barcode, receipt number, date of purchase or name of customer/supplier
  • Defining how a user can work
  • Setting up of separate printer and paper size